What Is Product Advertising?

Product advertising is the art of building and maintaining product awareness with potential buyers. A good advertising program educates potential customers on why they need the product, how it is used and the benefits derived from its use. A successful program also tells the consumer how the product is better than similar offerings by competitors.


Before an advertisement plan is written, market research is usually conducted to obtain information such as unmet needs in the market, factors or people that influence purchasing decisions, and the type of media used to obtain product information. The collected data is then used to write an advertisement message and to determine how the message will be channeled to prospective customers.


A very high percentage of companies have a web page as part of their advertising program. Information on these web pages include company contacts, history, their expertise, and product descriptions. Other web options used by companies are paid ads and organic search results.

Paid ads are the brightly colored, short blips designed to get a person’s attention, and over time, build a brand awareness in people’s minds. Messages are very short on paid ads. Organic search results are the listings that appear on a search engine in response to key words that link to informational pieces describing the product, explaining how it works, and listing its benefits. Consumers may lend more weight to these pieces than paid ads and companies often use techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) to highlight their own products over others that may be listed as a result of an Internet search.