As the customer touchpoints with your business increase, it becomes critical for customers to get a consistent and seamless experience touchpoints. With an IVR system, the customers are routed through an Automated Interactive Voice Response unit where they can choose the service they are looking for, while being guided through various voice pre-recorded voice prompts. Digital Ahia offers a suite of APIs to integrate with various third party applications for building intelligent IVR systems or intelligent Dialer systems as per your business need. Our APIs are system agnostic and work in a simple way of request and response. Explore more with us and test the limits of what you can achieve using our APIs.


✔ Make your call professional - Play a professional welcome message on your business phone,an IVR system can also help in personalizing customer greeting in regional languages ✔ Standardize customer service - IVRs help to automate basic and generic customer queries, by an IVR many customer queries can be resolved without interacting with the customer support representative. ✔ Handle off hours queries - Play a pre-recorded IVR messages on holidays & off hours ✔Handle high call volume- IVR systems helps companies to handle high call volumes. Callers can be directly routed to the right department. ✔ Prioritize customer calls - IVRs allow you to set priority to customer calls based on the customer LTV, this way you will never lose a high-value customer due to a slow response time or poor customer service

Digital Ahia - Features

Web Based Solution

We provide Web based IVR solution. Which means you can customize your IVR from any browser, you just need an internet connection and a browser to make your IVR

Easy to Configure Messages

We provide easy to use text-to-speech conversion software to generate messages. This system makes it easy to change your IVR messages as often as needed to customize your callers’ experiences.

MultiLevel IVR Technology

We allows you to create multiple branches in your IVR. For example, if callers selected '1' for “Payment Issue” which will further map to another IVR that prompt user to select 1 for “Pre Paid” and 2 for “Post Paid”. This ensure that customer get the right information.

Speech IVR

Touchtone is a traditional method to divert an IVR call. We can help you to setup a speech- based IVR, with the new technology your customers just have to speak the number into the phone to select an option.